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Our group

As the caterer of choice for four million guests every day, we get to observe their break time up close. We know how important it is to have  these opportunities to take time out and look after yourself. As a world-leading company, we also know that breaks evolve over time and adjust to cultures. This presents one of the constant challenges of what we do. Today’s customers demand tasty, healthy products served in pleasant surroundings, along with catering services that suit their lifestyles. At Elior Group, we adapt to meet these diverse needs by combining culinaryexpertise with operational excellence. Our 108,000 employees work diligently to make every break a time to savor.

Elior Group. Time savored.

Our group

The caterer of choice
Founded 25 years ago, Elior Group has grown into one of the world’s leading operators in the catering and related services industry and is now the caterer of choice in the business & industry, education, healthcare,  travel and leisure markets.

We place particular importance on corporate social responsibility and have been a member of the United Nations Global Compact since 2004.
Accelerating our development
" I firmly believe that we can’t just decide to be a leader. We need to prove our credentials, notably by launching new offerings and exploring new ground. "

Philippe Salle
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Elior Group

2014-2015 key figures

A global caterer

Elior Group is a major player in contract catering, concession catering  and related services. It is a recognized leader in its long-standing European markets and a dynamic market challenger in the Americas.

Our market positions in Europe

Our market positions in the Americas

A successful growth story

Highlights of the year
2014-2015 saw the arrival of Philippe Salle at the helm of the Group and was a period of growth, marked by new acquisitions, contracts and partnerships that will continue to be successful throughout the years to come. The strategic plan for 2016-2020, presented in London in September 2015, defines the new contours of a Group that is resolutely focused on customer experience and technological innovation.


Philippe Salle becomes the Group’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, giving it a new impetus

Meeting on March 10, 2015 and was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors on the same date. He took up the position of Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer on April 29, 2015 and then presented his strategic plan for 2016-2020 at an Investor Day held in London on September 24, 2015.
With a view to achieving the ambitious value-creation objectives announced in the strategic plan, Philippe Salle has put in place a new organizational structure, strengthened the Group’s top management and drawn up a transformation plan. During the year he also unveiled “Elior Group” corporate brand and the Group’s new motto – “Time savored” – which epitomizes our renewed customer focus.


Three U.S. acquisitions

In 2015, the Group strengthened its position in the U.S. contract catering market through its acquisitions of Starr Catering Group – a high-end group serving a clientele that includes corporations, non-profit organizations and cultural institutions – and Cura Hospitality, which specializes in dining services for senior living communities and hospitals. And in November 2015 the Group announced that it had acquired ABL Management.


An unrivalled leader in the business &
industry market

The Group’s performance in the business & industry contract catering market in France was outstanding in 2014-2015, with over 100 contracts signed with customers in both the tertiary and manufacturing sectors. As a result, Elior is now the number one contract caterer for office buildings in the Greater Paris area, notably providing a range of differentiated offerings to the D2, Majunga and Carpe Diem office towers in the La D.fense business district, thanks to a diverse portfolio of directly-owned and franchised brands.


Ongoing expansion in U.S. airports

During the year, Areas demonstrated the strength of the Group’s concession catering business by expanding its presence at Los Angeles International Airport (Tom Bradley International Terminal), as well as at Detroit and Atlanta airports, and through re-branding at Miami airport. At the same time, the Group paved the way for its future by securing a new contract in LAX terminal 1 with 4 new points of sale as well as other contract renewals.


Technological progress to help hospital patients

The Álvaro Cunqueiro hospital in Vigo, Spain, has selected Serunión to cater for 1,200 people a day (patients, visitors and staff). The ultramodern equipment installed at the hospital means that meals can be automatically delivered to the various departments before being individually served. In parallel, Serunión has developed specific software to automate the order and production processes with a goal of reducing costs.


The Group raises its stake in Areas to 100%

In July 2015, the Group increased its ownership interest in Areas to 100%, reinforcing its position as a global concession catering player. Backed by 45 years of experience in the business, Areas has built up a solid network in seven countries. Going forward, Areas – whose brand is now global – will be able to fully capitalize on its membership of the Group, with access to strong multi-local expertise, offerings based on innovative and customized concepts, and a unique portfolio of directly-owned and franchised brands.